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Outdoor Activities on St John Island
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Outdoor Activities on St John Island

Get out and enjoy the crystal clear waters of St. John Island during your stay at Sea Shore Allure. Our waterfront vacation villas provide you with luxurious accommodations that provide the perfect retreat after a day spent exploring the island. Whether you spend the day touring the island, lounging on the beach or out on the water, our resort's location near St. John attractions make it easy for you to enjoy all the perks of island life. Call the attentive staff of Sea Shore Allure to start planning your island vacation today.

The Good Life on the Water

Sea Shore Allure boasts a fabulous location near the best beaches of the National Park on St. John that makes it easy for you get out and enjoy life on the open water. From powerboat and sailboat rentals or fishing charters to kayaking tours, jet ski rentals and diving excursions, there are countless ways to enjoy the crystal clear waters of the US Virgin Islands and British Virgin Islands. However, if you don't quite find your sea legs than you can hike on one of 20 National Park hiking trails, or tour the countryside on horseback.

The Beaches of St. John Island

St. John US Virgin Islands is famed for its tropical climate moderated by trade winds, crystal clear waters that are warm all year round and beaches covered with a soft, silky sand not found anywhere else. These unique beaches are nestled in secluded bays that are surrounded by verdant hills and lush vegetation and the offshore coral reefs provide a world-class location for snorkeling and diving. Ask our concierge for directions to nearby beaches where you can enjoy the perfect combination of white sand, blue water and tropical sun.

The Virgin Island National Park

The expansive Virgin Island National Park features more than 7,000 acres of pristine wilderness waiting for you to explore. With 20 hiking trails and many sites for a one-of-a-kind snorkeling excursion, this park is a must-see attraction during your stay at Sea Shore Allure. In addition to the 7,000 acres of tropical countryside, the park also includes the Virgin Islands Coral Reef National Monument, which was designed to preserve the marine habitat adjacent to the park. The submerged park includes mangrove habitats and coral reefs.

Virgin Island Kayaking
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